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As cyclists, we don’t know how to say “Enough!”; we love to keep pushing. Once we have completed a ride, summited a mountain, finished a descent, a race, a training session, an adventure on our bike…soon after, we are already looking for that “One More.”


What inspires you to say “One More”?


Perhaps it’s a day spent following the pros in their hunt for the podium at the Giro D'Italia or Tour De France.  Or maybe it’s a day of hard effort chasing your own podium position in a European granfondo.  Maybe it’s training  in the most famous locations, like Tenerife or Livigno, and being treated like a professional.

Or perhaps you just love exploring new places, meeting the locals, and sharing their culinary traditions.

Whatever you fancy, we at One More Ride are here to give you the cycling experience of your dreams.

And, of course, at the end there will be One More Good Espresso!


OMR was created by two friends who have spent their lives on the bike: Andrea Nicosia and Simon Clarke.

Andrea’s experience in the touring business combined with Simon current professional Pro Tour cyclist status bring out something special in the business!

We are Cyclists, like you.

We have the passion for cycling and exploring, like you.

We have been in the cycling tour business for  20 years.

We are the only tour company with a current professional cyclist as a co-Owner.

We will look after you like the professionals that we are.

We Love our Job, it's our lifestyle.


With One More Ride, You will be able to enjoy the best cycling itineraries guided by a professional world tour rider and supported by an incredible team of expert guides.


We are energetic, reliable, and completely at your service to offer you unique and unforgettable cycling experiences  in some of the best locations in the world.

Each of us is different, but we all share the same passion and love for our Job. Join us for One More Ride!

Our Crew
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