A true training experience for intermediate-advanced cyclists keen to challenge themselves and become better cyclists by training on mountainous roads at a moderate - medium pace.

Every day we will provide a route designed to improve your riding, incorporating flats, climbs, and descents on the roads where the Pros train and race every day .

You will have at your disposal a real team bus; a qualified masseur; tour guides with a background in professional cycling; coaches with expertise in training, biomechanics, and nutrition; and energy supplements and cycling gear of the highest quality. 

Thanks to our strong ties to the professional cycling world, you also have the possibility of riding with some of the strongest and most famous professionals.

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Ride along the rolling coast and get a taste of the challenging Teide Volcano climbs, all in the sunny Tenerife winter! And after a beautiful ride, relax on the beach and explore the charming locations we’ve picked for you!

Bring the family, EBIKES available for partners!

You can join our tours also for less days or make it longer!

Check our Ocean & Volcano Experience, 15 days or pure fun.

 7-14 February 2021 (8 Days) | 2'850 €


 14-21 March 2021 (8 Days) | 2'850 €


5-12 December 2021 (8 Days) | 2'850 €

Join Simon Clarke on his altitude training camp and take the challenge to climb the highest mountain in Spain from all sides.   Not only will you share the road ridden by some of the leading pro riders, but you will also stay at the same hotel on top of Teide Volcano.  You will ride, eat and rest like a pro. 

You can join our tours also for less days or make it longer!

Check our Ocean & Volcano Experience, 15 days or pure fun.

14 - 21 February  2021 (8 days) 2'950 €

21 - 28 March 2021 (8 days) 2'950 €


12-19 December 2021 (8 days) | 2'950 €





Combine the Ocean and Volcano Experiences and train for 15 days exactly like a Pro! Warm up on the coast, long hilly rides and work hard on the second week by climbing the Teide Volcano everyday!

We will share the roads with some of the best pro riders, have coffe and dinner with them. Live the dream!

You can join our tours also for less days or make it longer!

Bring your family or a non rider friend, we have EBIKES there are plenty of activities for them while you are our pedaling.



 7-21 Feb 2021 (15days) | 4'950 €


 14 - 28 Mar 2021 (15days) | 4'950 €


 5-19 Dec 2021 (15days) | 4'950 €

Many pros choose Bormio and Livigno as their summer training location, and we’ll show you why.  Come with us, and do what they do!  Livigno is at 2000 m elevation, but it’s still a charming city that caters to athletes: excellent accommodations and restaurants, a multitude of training routes between 1000-2500 m elevation, smooth roads, and breathtaking vistas!

There are 3 options: 8 days exploring this marvelous alpine retreat, 10 days or 12 days of serious training for the season or an important race.

 16 - 23 June 2021 (8days) | 3'050 €

 1 - 8 August 2021 (8days) | 3'050 €



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From Girona to Andorra, where all the Pros train during the season. We will challenge your climbing skills up & down  the Tour de France and Vuelta Espana mountains!

Great roads, professional support and fantastic food... what else do you need?

Have you got more time to spend?​

Add more days on the Pyrenees and train for 10 or 12 days!


21 - 28 July  2021 (8days) | 3'350 €

12 - 19 August 2021 (8days) | 3'350 €