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At OMR we love to see our guests coming back year after year. After the first tour, you become part of our family and you deserve a special treatment:

  • Save 5% on your next Experience if you have travelled with us once before.

  • Save 7% on your next Experience if you have travelled with us two times before.

  • Save 10% on your next Experience if you have travelled with us three times before.


But we have more for you:

  • Your 5eth Experience will be at 50% discount!

  • Your 10th Experience will be FREE!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: all discounts apply only to regular trip cost and DO NOT apply to any extra service such as:

  • Bike Hire, Single Room supplement, Pre-post Tour Accommodation, Private Transfers, Extra Clothing, Granfondo entry fee, Guide tips


Every guest must book the trip on OMR website and complete the registration form. To reserve your booking, we require a €500 deposit per person. The balance of your payment is due 90 days prior to departure. If reserving your trip within 90 days of departure, full payment is required. 

By confirming your booking, you thereby accept our  terms and conditions (Below all the details).


Our cancellation policies is very flexible to make sure you can register with confidence, despite some uncertainty around travel and event logistics. 

If you cancel (for any reason):


90-61 DAYS: 250 euro for Admin Fee

60-31  DAYS: 500 euro for Cancellation Fee (loss of deposit)

30-16 DAYS: 50% of Tour Fee for Cancellation Fee, 50% of which can be transferred on any other trip within a year

15-8 DAYS: 75% of Tour Fee for Cancellation Fee, 25% of which can be transferred on any other trip within a year

DAYS or Less: 100% of Tour Fee for Cancellation Fee.  15% of which can be transferred on any other trip within a year

Cancellation and request for refund must be received in writing as soon as possible. 

ONE MORE RIDE will make no exceptions to our cancellation policy, irrespective of personal or external factors. This includes but is not limited to weather, personal emergencies, having to leave the tour early or arriving on tour late. Consider carefully your level of travel insurance to cover such eventualities.

If notice is received 15 days or more prior to tour commencement, tour payments may be transferred to another tour in the same year, subject to availability.

The cancellation fee and subsequent refund, if applicable, is calculated on the base tour fee only. Extra costs such as single supplement or any other options which have been pre-paid by OMR are non-refundable.

We strongly recommend you purchase a full coverage travel insurance to avoid any loss of money.



By confirming your booking, you thereby accept our Rental Bike terms and conditions:

I hereby declare that I and everyone using the bicycle(s) I am now renting have the necessary experience to use it/them, and that I have tested and checked its/their perfect working condition. I will notify OMR staff immediately of any eventual malfunctions or breakages. I declare that the bicycle(s) will not be used improperly and that I will personally deliver it/them to the agreed return location on the final day of rental. I authorise One More Ride to charge me for all eventual costs in case of damages to the bicycle(s) during my rental period, comprehensive of labour. In case of theft, I will be responsible for reimbursing OMR for the original purchase price of the bike, plus the cost of any accessories that were provided at the time of the bike rental. I agree to not hold OMR its operators, agents and employees responsible for personal injuries or property damage, loss or delay, or change of itinerary incurred by any person or renter arising out of the act of negligence of any direct or supplemental carrier, or other person rendering any of these services, nor shall OMR be responsible for any injuries, death, damage, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of One More Ride, or of any agent or supplier.


Once a hire bike is booked, 25% of the rental cost will be non-refundable. Cancellation within 1 week of the rental will be 50% non-refundable.

Anytime less than 3 days before booking, cancellation will be 100% non refundable.

We strongly recommend you purchase a full coverage travel insurance to avoid any loss of money.



All One More Ride trips are intentionally designed to take clients “off the beaten path” to places where facilities, infrastructure, safety and other standards may not be sophisticated and may be different from those in a traveller’s home country. Trips involve physical activity that can be demanding, depending on the condition of the traveller, and the risk of serious personal injury, including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the actions or negligence of other persons. Medical facilities and services may not be easily accessible and may not be sophisticated. There are other risks associated with the trips, such as theft or loss of or damage to property. Some of the services provided in connection with the trip, including accommodation, transportation, food service, and local tours and activities, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom One More Ride has no control.


One More Ride strictly and expressly relies on each traveller to read, sign and return our standard Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Indemnity form. This document will be sent to you when you receive your final invoice, and is also available on first day of tour before the first ride. The document must be completed and returned to us before the beginning of the trip.

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