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Race event

31 July - 5 August

Norwegian Fjords:

21 - 30 July


120 KM


1'750 MT



The Second Maserati Haute Route Norway is set to take place from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th of August 2019 in the Stavanger region. In keeping with the new 3-day concept, the Maserati Haute Route Norway will be based in one unique location and will feature two classic road stages and an uphill time trial.

The Stavanger region offers an exceptional setting for this brand new Scandinavian adventure. The city, with its deep-rooted cycling culture, is nestled between the most beautiful Norwegian fjords, featuring perfect roads and stunning climbs.

You will discover some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in the world, with roads winding through the majestic switch-back climbs of the Norwegian fjords…no wonder this is already an area of world-class tourism! For certain stages, you will take a ferry across the Fjord to reach the start line, allowing the perfect opportunity to enjoy your breathtaking surroundings.


Optional Acclimatization Tour:

Want to see more of Norway? Join our acclimatization tour in Norway’s southwest region and visit some of the most beautiful and panoramic fjords, such as the famous Pulpit Rock, l’Hardangerfjord and the Lysefjord.  Along the way, we will visit the picturesque coastal towns of Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen.  We will venture inland following the fjords, rivers, and mountains, skirting the glaciers and dropping in on several quaint villages, such as Odda and Voss.  Thanks to Andrea’s connections, we’ll experience the real Norwegian lifestyle and savor the best local foods! Beautifully paved roads, great hotels, hearty meals, and incredible scenery…you won’t want to leave!


Regions visited: Fjords region in southwest Norway

Famous Locations: Pulpit rock, Lysefjord, Voss, and Bergen


  • Level: Intermediate

  • Terrain: Hilly

  • Daily Distance: Approx 30-150km

  • Daily Ascent: Approx 1000-2500m

  • Main Route 400km

  • Total Ascent: Approx 7000m

  • Duration: 6 days/5 nights or longer

  • Recommended Arrival-Departure Airport: Stavanger

  • Cost: € 2,550 in Twin Room (Single + € 500) – any extra day costs € 395 for double room

Acclimatization tour cost options:

  • Acclimatization tour, from July 21st to 30th: € 3950

  • Additional day anytime from July 21st to 31st: € 395 per day

  • Full option, acclimatization tour and HR race, from July 21st to Aug 6th: € 6150

Race the Maserati HR Norway, explore this incredible country like a local, and learn about the Viking lifestyle!




The experience is built for all riders able to ride for 4-6 hours. The HR is a high-intensity race, but in contrast the acclimatization tour is a true cycling adventure at moderate pace across one of the most picturesque countries in the world.

During the acclimatization tour, we will ride as a group on the rolling terrain and as individuals or small groups on the short climbs, so that everyone will enjoy the ride. During the race, you will ride at your own pace, and we will support you at the start, on the route, and at the finish line. You ride; we’ll take care of everything else: accommodations, food, bike, massage, laundry, and more!

All cyclists interested in Granfondo but also in exploring a new region and learning about local culture amidst magnificent scenery will enjoy this incredible experience!


  • A fantastic tour itinerary designed by Andrea (and his Norwegian family!)

  • All hotel accommodations in beautiful hotels, generally 4-star, in twin-double room

  • All breakfasts, 1 lunch, and all dinners (race lunch included in the HR registration fee)

  • At least 2 professional guides on tour (one fully qualified mechanic)

  • Van support throughout the tour and the race

  • All in-tour transfers

  • Private feed stations with snacks and food supplements including electrolytes, gels, and energy bars during rides by OTE.

  • Massage at hotel after each stage (race package only)

  • Bike service

  • Laundry service every other day

  • Garmin 810-820 loan unit with maps for duration of tour

  • 1 top quality cycling kit made by DOT OUT (jersey, knicks, socks, and gloves)

  • 1 SCICON Race bag with your name and nationality

  • 1 NRC X sunglasses

  • Free use of a DOT OUT Cabrio helmet

  • Detailed printed tour information booklet

  • Extra activities besides cycling: luxury picnic at a farm, fjord cruise, family dinner at Andrea’s place and more!

  • Small group of max 12 riders.


For the acclimatization tour we have selected some of the best routes, offering a mix of all terrains, but the terrain will be mainly hilly with some medium-sized climbs.

The start from Stavanger is perfect, as it mostly flat.  The route then becomes hilly, with some climbing towards the end of the tour when approaching Bergen.

The climbs are never hard, as the gradient is always around 5-7% and generally limited to short distances.

The roads are well-paved and safe, with drivers showing incredible respect for cyclists!


The race course has yet to be announced, but most likely it will be similar to what we have already done, just at a different pace!


  • Haute Route registration fee (+€ 750)

  • Single room (+€ 750)

  • High-end rental bike Wilier ZERO 7 with ULTEGRA Di2 (+€ 60/Day) or GTR Ultegra Mechanical (+€ 40/Day)

  • Massage at hotel (acclimatization tour)

  • Personal airport transfer

  • Alcoholic drinks


Day One - Stavanger warm-up ride

Main Route: 40km, 25mi | Total Ascent: 800m, 2625ft

Tour introduction and warm-up ride around the town of Stavanger and the Rogaland region.  Stavanger was nominated European Culture Capital for 2008.  But the real attraction remains its fjords, mountains, and seascape.  This is the perfect departure point.

Day Two - Stavanger Loop to Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock

Main Route: 70km, 43mi | Total Ascent: 1200m, 3900ft

Today we ride to the base of the famous Pulpit Rock and also check part of the race course. Once we’re back, we’ll sort out the race registration and final bike set up.

Day Three – HR Stage One

Course to be announced!

Day Four – HR Stage Two

Course to be announced!

Day Five – HR Stage Three

Day Five – HR Stage Three  (Aug 5th)

Day Six – Stavanger

Goodbye! Pack the bike and transfer to Airport

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This is the full acclimatization tour itinerary starting on July 21st. You can join the tour at any time, but the recommended days are: D3-4 or D5-6

Day One - Stavanger warm up ride (July 21st)

Main Route: 40km, 25mi | Total Ascent: 800m, 2625ft

Tour introduction and warm up ride around the town of Stavanger and the Rogaland region.  Stavanger was nominated European Culture Capital for 2008.  But the real attraction remains its fjords, mountains and seascape.  This is the perfect departure point.

Day Two - Stavanger Loop to Preikestolen (Norway’s Pulpit Rock)

Main Route: 70km, 43mi | Total Ascent: 1200m, 3900ft

Today we ride, cruise, and hike!  We’ll ride to the base of the famous Pulpit Rock, take a mini cruise on the spectacular Lysefjiord, and conclude with a hike along the panoramic trail that reaches the famous rock that rises vertically to 604m (1980ft).  This is one of the most spectacular vistas in the world!

Day Three - Stavanger to Haugesund

Main Route: 90km, 55mi | Total Ascent: 1000m, 3280ft

Today we’ll cross many islands and will in fact take 2 ferries along the way.  We’ll arrive in Haugesund, the town with a strong Viking heritage and symbol of the reunification of Norway.  Our route is an undulating one, and we’ll come across many fishing villages and breathtaking fjords.

Day Four - Haugesund loop Skudeneshavn (easy to join here)

Main Route: 90km, 55mi | Total Ascent: 1500m, 4900ft

On today’s ride, we’ll enjoy the view of the North Sea and ride on the island of Karmoy, where we’ll reach the town of Skudeneshavn, famous for its sailship building industry and its ancient port.  This is another day of undulating terrain, with views over the white sandy beaches.

Day Five - Haugesund to Sauda

Main Route: 110km, 68mi | Total Ascent: 1800m, 5900ft

Today we ride through the scenic region of Hardangervidda, featuring an ancient glacier and many alpine lakes.  We then move inland and encounter an even more dramatic landscape, featuring waterfalls and mountain peaks.  Our destination is Sauda, the beautiful fjord town which is surrounded by mountains.

Day Six - Sauda to Voss

Main Route: 90km, 55mi | Total Ascent: 1900m, 6230ft

A challenging ride with a couple of real climbs thrown into the mix on our way to Odda.  This town is situated at the bottom of the Hardangerfjiord, well-known for its dramatically steep waterfalls.  Odda has two glaciers on either side.  We will visit one of them after this day’s awesome ride.

Day Seven – Voss rest day

If you feel like a day off the bike, then this is the place to do it.  Rafting, rock-climbing, paragliding—it’s all available here.  This is a great place to spend two days and enjoy nature at its best.

Day Eight - Voss loop to Nearfjiord

Main Route: 90km, 55mi | Total Ascent: 1800m, 5900ft

Today there’s a fantastic loop to the very scenic Nearfjiord, which is UNESCO world heritage spot. We’ll ride along the fjord for approx 60km, after which we’ll cross it by ferry, then return on mountain train crossing the glacier!

Day Nine - Voss to Bergen

Main Route: 100km, 62mi | Total Ascent: 1800m, 5900ft

A great ride to one of Norway’s best tourist destinations, the town of Bergen, which will also be our home until the end of the tour.  On our way to Bergen, we will encounter many short climbs, cross lakes and fjords, and end up on the North Sea coast.  Bergen will steal your heart, with its old town featuring quaint timber houses and its wonderful location close to the mountains and the sea.  There is a lot to do in this idyllic town, and you’ll love the view from the surrounding hills, which are accessible by cable-car.

Day Ten - Bergen (July 30th)

Goodbye! We recommend you stay at least one extra night in the beautiful town of Bergen!

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