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 Alpe D’Huez, Izoard, Col Du Galibier and many others!






25 - 31 July 2022


70 KM


1000 MT



French Alps based around the legend of Alpe D’Huez is on everyone’s bucket list. Starting in the medieval town of Briancon, We will not only climb and descend Alpe D’Huez but also take on the less known but more beautiful balcony roads into and out of Alpe D’Huez as we take on the col de Sarenne which actually tops out above Alpe D’Huez and descends into. We will also ride the major Tour de France defining mountains including Col d’Izoard, Col du Lautaret and Galibier! ALLEZ!!

Regions visited:

French Alps – Briancon- Alpe D’Huez – Col du Galibier


  • Level: Intermediate- Advanced

  • Terrain: Mountains

  • Daily Distance: Approx 60-90km

  • Daily Ascent: Approx 1000-2000m

  • Main Route 400km

  • Total Ascent: Approx 5000m

  • Recommended Arrival – Departure Airport: Milano MXP  - Torino (Italy) 




The experience is built for all riders able to ride for 3-5 hours. This is not a race or high intensity riding, but rather a true cycling adventure across one of the most picturesque countries in the world.
We will ride as a group on the rolling terrain and as individuals or small groups on the short climbs, so that everyone will enjoy the ride. On top of each major climb we will regroup to celebrate and refill our bottles, and then enjoy the descent together. As a team, we’ll support each other during the ride and make sure everyone finishes safe and happy! All cyclists interested in exploring a new region and learning about local culture while amidst magnificent scenery will enjoy this incredible experience!

Everyday we will offer 2 riding options: a regular route for all kind of riders and one extension for anyone looking for an extra challenge!


  • A fantastic tour itinerary designed by Andrea

  • PRIVATE Group of minimum 30 max 45 riders

  • All hotel accommodations in beautiful hotels, generally 4-star in twin-double room 

  • All breakfasts, all lunches and all dinners

  • 5-7 professional guides on tour (depending on group size) 

  • 3-5 Van with 9 seats for riding Support (plus 1 extra for transfers)

  • Van support throughout the tour 

  • Two Airport transfer for the group

  • All in-tour transfers 

  • Rental bikes (high end road bikes)  NOTE: E-BIKE with 150 Euro Supplement

  • Snacks and food supplements including electrolytes, gels, and energy

  • bars during rides by OTE Sport 

  • 1 top quality One More Ride cycling kit  (jersey, knicks, socks)

  • Detailed printed tour information booklet 

  • Extra activities besides cycling: Cable car to the Meije glacier


We have selected some of the best routes, offering a mix of all terrains, but the terrain will be mainly Mountains.
The start will be easier with some smaller mountains. Then route becomes more challenging when approaching the Legendary Alpe D’Huez!

The climbs are never very hard, as the gradient is always around 6-8% but generally long and steady.
The roads are well-paved and safe, with drivers showing incredible respect for cyclists!


  • Single room

  • E-BIKE

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Massage at hotel 

  • Personal airport transfer 

  • Van/guides for 45 Guests: 5 support vans (plus 1 extra for airport transfer) and 7 guides


Day One – Briancon warm-up ride to Col de L’escale

Regular Route : 30km, 16.1987mi Total Ascent:800ft - Longer Route: 40km, 25mi
Total Ascent: 300m, 925ft

Morning pick up in Milano Malpensa and nice 3 hours drive across the French border. Hotel Check in, Tour introduction and warm-up ride around the town of Briancon and le col de L’escale, the mountain which separate Italy and France.

Day Two – Briancon loop to Col De Izoard (Tour de France Climb)

Regular Route: 50km, 28,7mi - Longer Route: 80km, 48mi
 Total Ascent: 1500 or 2000m, 4100-6300ft

Regural ride: Today we’ll climb one of the most famous mountain of the French alps, a classic of the Tour De France since the late 50s: the Col De Izoard! The view is always spectacular even if the climb is long and challenging (like all climbs!!).

Optional Longer route: instead of ride back to Briancon on same road, we will close the loop on a different road which includes several “undulations” and lot of valley road.

Day Three – Briancon to Alpe D'huez

Regular Route : 70km, 44mi
 Total Ascent: 1700m, 4600ft
 - Longer Route: 100km, 62mi Total Ascent:2000m, 500ft

Regular route: on today’s ride, we’ll enjoy the view of the big glacier of the La Meije along the Valley up to Col de Lautaret, at 2100m above sea level. After a good coffee stop, we will continue the ride down to the Legendary Alpe D’Huez.

Optional Longer route: at the top of col de Lautaret, why not keep going up to col du Galibier for an extra 10km?

Day Four – Alpe D’Huez loop (TDF Climb)

Regular Route : 45km, 28.mi
 Total Ascent: 1200m, 3500ft
 - Longer Route: 65km, 40mi Total Ascent:1700m, 5900ft

Regular route: here we go, the big day! For most of cyclists around the world, the Ascent up to Alpe D’huez is one of the symbols of Cycling and a must do. Well, the climb is challenging but not as hard you may think. The gradient is around 9-10%, steady for 11 km. Great views at the top and a charming ski resort with plenty of cycling souvenirs!

Optional Longer route: extra loop to Col du Sarenne, the other side of the Alpe D'Huez  even more scenic than its famous sister! 

Day Five - L'Alpe D'huez to Col du Galibier

Regular Route : 50km, 31.5mi
 Total Ascent: 1300m, 3850ft
 - Longer Route: 70km, 43mi
 Total Ascent: 2000m, 6500ft

Regular route: today we ride back to Col du Lautaret but opposite direction. The climb is “nice” as it’s never harder than 7-8 %, with long easier section. After this short recovery ride, we can rest at our hotel or tke the Cable car up to the Glacier of La Mejie for a nice ice walk!

Optional longer route: on our way to col di Lautaret, we will take a detour up to Les Deux Alpes, another beautiful ski resort often used by the Tour de France: 10 km out up hill and 10 back, easy!

Day Six - Col du Galibier Loop

Regular Route : 30km, 20.5mi
 Total Ascent: 1300m, 3850ft
 - Longer Route: 70km, 43mi
 Total Ascent: 2000m, 6500ft

Regular route: another epic ride as we will climb the Legendary Col du Galibier, going up for 7 more km to the summit at 2700m above sea level, down the other side to Valloire and back up! Dramatic views of the valley and surrounding mountains all day long.

Optional Longer route: once in Valloire, we will take a small road up to Valmenier, a short but challenging climb into a remote valley.

Day Seven – Transfer to Milano

2 hours transfer to Milano Malpensa Airport and Goodbye!

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