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A Series of Races

Over the course of the UCI season, any given racer is involved in numerous challenges. Sometimes they finish on the podium, sometimes they are sick, sometimes external events force them to try again next year. Whatever the case, an aspiring cyclist steps back from his experience, wipes the sweat and mud from his brow, and either embraces his victory with grace, or reflects on what went wrong.

Covid-19 has been a challenging time for many countries, businesses, their citizens and patrons. We here at One More Ride hope all of our present - and future - guests are staying healthy and safe during this troubling time. Some of the most daunting tasks we confront as individuals is the unknown future: we certainly have no idea how Covid-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic will play out for the rest of this year.

But we're ready for it all.

Here at one More Ride we have been making major changes, taking this opportunity to stay safe while positioning ourselves for the new year. here is what we've been working on"


To keep you in the action, we've started a blog. Our stories will cover the races, destinations, food, culinary experiences and everything else that makes One More Ride unique in the adventure travel industry. We have Gabriel Del Rossi, long-standing adventure traveler and wordsmith, behind the computer and armed with notebook and pencil. He - and many others on the team - will be drafting the stories and events shaping One More Ride. Events that effect your trip, your experience.

We've also revamped our newsletter and timeline, guaranteeing you the stories you want to read in your mailbox monthly. Carlo Calleri is the guru, working between bike rides. His wisdom and knowledge in the field of cycling and marketing is an amazing asset to the One More Ride team. If only we can keep up with him...

Tell us what you want to read about. Send us an email or text us your comments and we'll write the stories you want to know more about.


We are thrilled to announce partnerships with four major players in professional cycling. Through the EF pro-cycling team and Simon Clarke, One More Ride is excited to be working with Cannondale Bicycles, Rapha Cycling Wear, POC Protective Gear. and Power 2 Max Power Meters.

Cannondale has been a long-time cornerstone in the world of innovative cycling technology. Now every One More Ride destination gets you to where you want to go on a sleek Synapse or SuperSix. Always looking forward, Cannondale is constantly pushing the norms, breaking conventional cycling wisdom. Which is why they make such a great partner for One More Ride!

Rapha has turned the world upside-down with revolutionary design and materials in cycling clothing. But they also did something no one else could do: they made cycling apparel fashionable. For the first time, you want to get into your Rapha shorts and your silk jersey. They feel good, keep you warm or cool, and you look like a rock-star. Now, the One More Ride kits are all Rapha made. Italian design meets the pinnacle of cycling fashion; it's a perfect marriage.

POC had humble beginnings as a Swedish ski helmet designer. Now they are a headliner of protective sports equipment known throughout the world. Teams of engineers are constantly working with lighter materials to create stronger products. Lighter and stronger: two fundamental values of One More Ride. We are constantly at the cusp of making our guests stronger, as we maneuver our trips throughout Europe. Get your head into a POC helmet on trip and you'll have the possibility of taking it home with you by the end of the ride.

Power 2 Max is one of the most innovative power meter agencies on the market. In 2006, a few German automotive engineers decided to bring their wireless technology to the cycling industry. They were specifically focused on training and racing, but discovered most power meters short on versatility. They decided to make a reliable, precise, and easy to use power meter for every-day cyclist at an affordable price. And what's better, is that this affordable price comes with a 10% discount for One More Ride travelers. You'll have the pleasure of riding our SuperSix EVO Cannondale bikes already equipped with the Power 2 Max NGeco Power Meter. So not only will you climb the mountain, but you'll be able to analyze your performance to do it faster next time.

Of course, many of our previous partners are still members of the One More Ride family. Count on finding products and discounts by Gaerne Shoes, FSA Components, Vision Wheels, Scicon Cycling Bags, Vittoria Tires, Everysight Eyewear and OTE Sport Supplements. If you're looking for information or deals on any of these suppliers, send us an email and we'll put you in the right direction.

Always Busy

We always have something going on. In Italian families, there is always something cooking on the stove and our sauce is just starting to bubble. These are the days we have been inflating our tires and lubing our chains; cleaning our sunglasses and studying our maps. We've added to our team bringing talent, intellect and good-looking blokes from across the globe together under a common goal: to offer you a memorable Professional Cycling Experience!

Until the next time we see you on One More Ride, you can always read us here.

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