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5-7-10-11 DAYS


90 KM


1'000 MT




Cycling in Belgium is that nations number one sport and attracts millions people.  Beer drinking runs a close second! The first part of the tour will be in Belgium (with a short stint in Holland) and the second part in the north of France. We’ll have the privilege to watch two of the important Spring Classics, the Tour of Flanders and the Paris-Roubaix. These races rate as some of the most difficult one day races in the Pro Peloton. Plus we’ll have the chance to ride the Grandfondo of the Flemish Classic.  On top of this, we’ll visit the beautiful and well-known and popular tourist towns of Bruges and Ghent.  As well as less well-known towns such as Valenciennes which are often equally as interesting. And what about a good beer after the ride?! Belgium is the world’s top beer producer, offering almost 9000 different beers - Proost !!


  • START-FINISH: Gant – Douai (Roubaix)

  • DATES: 5 / 7 /10 or 11 days – From  March 23 to April 8


  • AVG ASCENT: 700mt

  • DIFFICULTY Level: 4 out of 5 – Intermediate / Advanced

  • Terrain: Undulating - Hilly
 with very short and steep climbs

  • Main Route: 500km to 1000km

  • Total Ascent: Approx 4500m to 7500m

  • Recommended Arrival – Departure Airport: Bruxelles



(TWIN or Double Room)

28 March - 1 April  2024 (5 days)  | 1'950 €

Tour of Flanderes Short

26 March - 1 April  2024 (7 days)  | 2'550 €

Tour of Flanderes  Long


23 March - 1 April  2024 (10 days)  | 3'750 €

Tour of Flanderes XL

  4 April- 8 April  2024  (5 days)  | 1'950 €

Paris Roubaix short

2 - 8 April 2024  (7 days)  | 2'550 €

Paris Roubaix Long

29 March - 8 April 2024  (11 days)  | 4'150 €

Tour Of Flanderes & Paris Roubaix


- Single Room: 60 € x Day

- High End Rental Bike: 60 € x Day



The experience is built for all riders able to ride for 3-5 hours. This is not a race or high intensity riding, but rather a true cycling adventure across one of the most picturesque countries in the world.
We will ride as a group on the rolling terrain and as individuals or small groups on the short climbs, so that everyone will enjoy the ride. On top of each major climb we will regroup to celebrate and refill our bottles, and then enjoy the descent together. As a team, we’ll support each other during the ride and make sure everyone finishes safe and happy! All cyclists interested in exploring a new region and learning about local culture while amidst magnificent scenery will enjoy this incredible experience! 


We have selected some of the best routes, offering a mix of all terrains, but the terrain will be mainly undulating.
The start from Gent is perfect, as it mostly flat. 

The few climbs are hard, as the gradient is always around 10-15% and on cobblestones...but generally limited to short distances.
The roads are well-paved and safe, with drivers showing incredible respect for cyclists! 


  • A fantastic tour itinerary designed by Andrea

  • All hotel accommodations in beautiful hotels, generally 4-star, in twin-double room 

  • All breakfasts, 1 lunch, and all dinners except one on your own

  • Min. 2 professional guides on tour (1 fully qualified mechanic) 

  • Van support throughout the tour 

  • All in-tour transfers 

  • Snacks and food supplements including electrolytes, 
gels, and energy bars during rides 

  • 1 top quality cycling kit  (jersey, knicks, socks) 

  • Detailed printed tour information booklet 

  • Extra activities besides cycling: Cycling museum




  • Single room 

  • Rental Bike

  • Granfondo Entry fees

  • Lunches and Alcoholic drinks 

  • Massage at hotel 

  • Personal airport transfer 



Day One - Day One – Gant warm up ride

Main Route: 30km – 18mi

Warm up to stretch our legs and check the bikes.  Gant is one of the major cities of Belgium and one of the well-preserved medieval towns in Europe. The historic city centre is stunning.  Our hotel is strategically located in between the start and finish of the Flanderes Sportive, so that we can miminize pre-post race transfers.

Day Two – Gant loop to Breskens NL

Main Route: 70km – 43mi Total Ascent: 200m – 650ft

Today we will ride part of the course ahead of the Granfondo, testing our bikes on the cobblestones and on the famous Mur (the walls). On our way back to the hotel we will complete the granfondo registration and then enjoy a great dinner in Gant.

Day Three – Granfondo Tour of flanders

Main Route: 260km – 160mi Total Ascent: 1500m – 4900ft

The big day !! Ready to challenge the ‘Muur’? Muur is the Flemish translation for wall and in fact the narrow climbs are very very steep.  Add to this cobblestones and you’re in for a ‘treat”.  Fortunately none of these climbs are longer than a one and a half kilometres in length. Good luck!!

Day Four – Oudenaarde loop & Tour of Flanders Pro Race 5-4-15

Main Route: 20km – 12mi Total Ascent: 200m – 650ft

After the fatigue of yesterday’s race, today we have a very short ride to the top of one of the famous ‘Muur’, ready for the spectacle.  Especially for the Flemish people today is a real sporting holiday.  Locals in all villages take get ready for the Pro’s passing, hours and hours before the race. You’ll really enjoy the atmosphere!

Day Five Mon – Gant to Bruges

Main Route: 100km – 62mi Total Ascent: 500m – 1600ft

For those containing the tour, today we ride to Bruges. Bruges is one of the major cities of Belgium and one of the well-preserved medieval towns in Europe. The historic city centre is a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Along with a few other canal-based northern cities, such as Amsterdam, it is sometimes referred to as "The Venice of the North".

Day Six – Bruges Loop to Breskens

Main Route: 70km – 43mi Total Ascent: 500m – 1600ft

Bruges is located in the north-western part of Belgium, only a few km’s to the North Sea and very close to the Dutch boarder.  We’ll ride part of our route today in Holland, along the coastal road, with the chance to see some old iconic wind-mills, so typical to this country.

Day Seven – Bruges loop of Avesnoise

Main Route: 50km – 31mi Total Ascent: 200m – 650ft

Today we’ll ride a loop in the National Park of Avesnoise.  It’ll be a short recovery ride, but with the chance to do extra km’s and more elevation gain if you want.

Day Eight – Bruges to Douai

Main Route: 75km – 46mi Total Ascent: 300m – 990ft

An easy transfer ride to the beautiful town of S. Quentin. The afternoon will be dedicated to relaxation and bike maintenance before the intense next few days rides of this tour.

Day Nine – Douai loop to St. Quentin

Main Route: 145km – 90mi Total Ascent: 500m – 1600ft

S. Quentin is a good starting point to ride into the heart of the French Classic – the Paris Roubaix.  We’ll get a taste of the ‘Pavè’, mud and dust. From this town we’ll cross some of the race’s parcours, with a great final for us, riding the mythical cobblestones of the Arenberg Forest.  This is a very challenging section classified as a 5 stars in difficulty. This is where most of the breakaways in the pro-race start.

Day Ten – Douai loop to Roubaix

Main Route: 100km – 62mi Total Ascent: 400m – 1300ft

Today’s ride will give you the chance to ride the last 50-60km of the Paris-Roubaix parcours.  We’re hoping to have the chance to ride a loop in the famous velodrome used at the end of the race.  Let’s see how we go?!

Day Eleven – Douai loop to Arenberg & Paris-Roubaix pro race 12-05

Main Route: 65km – 40mi Total Ascent: 300m – 990ft

Short ride from Douai, and the chance to watch the Paris - Roubaix in or near the Arenberg forest!  This is the most spectacular cobblestone section of the race.  Generally this narrow road is only used by tractors and farm vehicles and are strictly off-limits to other vehicles, except bicycles of course.

Day Twelve - Tot ziens

A short shuttle to Lille, where there are excellent connections to Bruxelles, Paris or London by train.

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