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90/140 KM


1'500/3'000 MT



An exciting training tour for intermediate-advanced cyclists keen to challenge themselves and become better cyclists by riding at high altitude on the majestic Alps. If you are preparing for a challenging event such as the Haute Route, Trans Alp, or UCI Granfondo World Championships, this will suit you perfectly!

The week will involve great riding and recovery, exactly the way all pros do! 

We climb all the major climbs of the Alps, including Passo Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo, and many others.

You will ride with experienced guides who, as racers themselves, are happy to share all their knowledge! Massage, bike service, laundry, and coaching are just some of the perks you will get on this tour.

Bormio is the perfect start for this training experience. Situated in the foothills of the Stelvio at 1400m altitude, it’s a charming town that offers great hotels and natural hot springs!

Livigno is a fantastic mountain town located at 2000m above sea level, making it an  incredible location for riding and outdoor activities. Many pro tour teams spend weeks in Livigno preparing the grand tours!  Livigno is also famous for its great duty-free shopping, so it’s perfect for non-riders or family as well. As the main activity each day will be the morning ride, you will have plenty of time to relax in the afternoon!

Choose amongst the 8, 10 or 12 days tours...are you ready to live like a Pro?


Famous climbs: Passo Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo, Laghi di Cancano, Passo Bernina, and more!


  • Level: Advanced

  • Terrain: Mountains

  • Daily Distance: approx 100km

  • Daily Ascent: approx 2000m

  • Main Route: approx. 800km

  • Total Ascent: approx 15000m

  • Duration: 8-10-12 days / 7-9-11 nights

  • Recommended Arrival-Departure Airport: Milano Malpensa




(Twin / Double Room)


1 - 8 June 2023 (8days) | 3'250 €

4 - 11 July 2023 (8days) | 3'250 €

22 - 29 July 2023 (8 days) | 3'250 €


5 - 12 September 2023 (8 days) | 3'250 €


- Single Room: €60 per day

- Bike Rental: €60 per day

- Extra Days at the end: €350 x day



The experience is built for all riders able to ride for 4-6 hours. This is not a race, but it’s also not an easy riding experience, as the terrain is quite challenging.

We will ride as a group on the rolling terrain and as individuals or small groups on the climbs, so that everyone can ride at his/her own pace. On top of each major climb we will regroup to celebrate and refill our bottles, and then enjoy the descent together trying to learn from one another. As a team, we’ll support each other during the ride and make sure everyone finishes safe and happy!

All cyclists interested in great rides and improving their fitness and bike skills will enjoy this incredible experience!


  • A fantastic tour itinerary designed by Andrea

  • All hotel accommodations in beautiful 4-star hotels with spa, in twin-double room

  • All breakfasts, 1 lunch, and all dinners except one (2 for the 12 days)

  • 2 professional guides on tour (one fully qualified mechanic)

  • Professional massage at the hotel after each ride

  • Van support throughout the tour

  • One main group airport transfer

  • All in-tour transfers

  • Bike service and laundry every other day

  • Snacks and food supplements, including electrolytes, gels and energy bars  by OTE Sport

  • Garmin 810-820 loan unit with maps for duration of tour

  • 1 top quality OMR cycling kit made by DAMA (jersey, knicks, socks)

  • Detailed printed tour information booklet

  • Small group of max 12 riders.


We have selected some of the best routes offering a mix of all terrains, but the terrain will be mainly mountainous.

The start from Bormio is perfect, as it is at lower altitude.  The route then becomes more challenging in Livigno. That’s why we will work hard when below 1700m and take it very easy on the final km of the big climbs, which are at 2000+ m.

The climbs are long, but the gradient is generally around 6-8%, so not too hard.

There are some exceptions of course, like the Mortirolo and Gavia, which are both long and steep!


  • Single room 

  • High-end rental bike

  • Personal airport transfer

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Guides Tips

  • Flights

  • Travel Insurance


Day One – Bormio Warm-up Ride

Routes: 45km Total Ascent: 600m

This is a warm-up ride to ease the legs and body into 1-2 weeks of intense riding.  Some of you may have only recently stepped off a plane, so this ride offers a great way to “tease” out that tiredness.  It will include some small climbs and offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Day Two: Bormio Loop to Passo Gavia

Distance: 80 km Elevation: 1900m

One of the most scenic climbs in the entire Alps! The lake at the top is a view reserved for the brave ones that accept the challenge. Conquering the Gavia as a group will be even more fulfilling!

Day Three - Bormio Loop to Passo Stelvio

Main Route: 100km Total Ascent: 2700m

The big challenge!  Are you ready? We’ll climb the first part of the Stelvio from Bormio up to Passo Umbrail. Then we’ll descend on the Swiss side to Santa Maria and back up again to the top of the Stelvio from the Classic side, the one with 48 hairpin bends!

Day Four - Bormio to Livigno

Distance: 100 km Elevation: 2300m

Today’s ride is designed to allow some recovery before the second part of the training program. We’ll climb the Passo Foscagno first (a long steady climb), then a couple of short “bumps” before we descend into Livigno, our home for the next week!

Day Five – Livigno rest day

Main Route: 50km Total Ascent: 1000m

Lovely ride along the lake and up the Forcola Pass and back. This is a chance to take it easy and become accustomed to the higher altitude.

Day Six – Livigno loop St Moritz and to Albula Pass

Main Route: 145km; Total Ascent: 3,500m

What a start! We ride to St Mortiz and Berguen, then climb up the Albula Pass, through Samedan.  A long steady climb with some incredible views of the Alps all day long. On our way back, we tackle the Passo Bernina and Forcola…a spectacular day all around!

Day Seven - Livigno loop to Passo Stelvio - The Classic Side

Main Route: 155km; Total Ascent: 4,000m

The really BIG challenge! This is a memorable ride, climbing up the challenging and legendary side of the Passo Stelvio from Prato dello Stelvio.  After a gentle start in Switzerland we will ride back into Italy. The Stelvio urges you on as you count down the 48 hair-pin bends, enjoying the slight rest at every turn and the truly amazing views.  After a well-earned rest at the summit and lots of photos, we will descend into Bormio and back up to Livigno. Good luck!

Day Eight – Livigno Loop to Tirano (end of 8 days option)

Main Route: 75km; Total Ascent: 1,700m

After the big day, we will have an easy one, or at least short one, as there are no easy days on the Alps! A couple of medium-difficulty climbs on our way to the beautiful town of Tirano, from where we can also take the incredible Glacier Express train back up to the Bernina Pass!

Day Nine – Livigno loop to Passo Stelvio

Main Route: 135km Total Ascent: 3800m

Pack your passport!  We’ll climb the Stelvio from the easier Bormio side and descend to Prato, then venture back into Switzerland and back up the Stelvio via the Umbrail pass! Don’t forget: we’ll also have to climb back to Livigno!

Day Ten – Livigno loop to Passo Mortirolo and Gavia (end of 10 days option)

Main Route: 170km Total Ascent: 4,900m

After the Passo dello Stelvio, another incredible ride! Probably the most challenging ride of the week, as we will tackle 2 monster climbs: the steep Mortirolo and the challenging Passo Gavia, which reaches 2600m!  We’ll do them from the “hard“ sides, same as the Giro! Once we’re back in Bormio, why not enjoy the Roman Spa and then drive back to Livigno?!

Day Eleven – Livigno loop to Passo Gavia

Main Route: 100km Total Ascent: 2,900m

We made our last ride easier to allow a good recovery before you fly back home. We’ll ride to Bormio and then up to Passo Gavia on the “easier” side, and then ride back! We will take our time to snap some great pictures of the glacier!

Day Twelve – Goodbye

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