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Take One More Ride on a Cannondale.

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The Cannondale brand is a cornerstone of American bicycle history.

The Topstone is one of the industry’s top gravel bikes; the Supersix EVO one of the lightest professional road bikes, the Scalpel and the Jeckyll mountain bikes with innovative “lefty” technology...the list goes on. And now One More Ride joins forces with Cannondale bringing you the best in high-end cycle technology with the best in high-end adventure travel cycling experiences.

The Birth of Innovation: A Brief History of Cannondale

Cannondale has been around since 1971. Those early years (especially the early 70s, man) were a time of digital invention and wild creativity. Think about how utterly traditional and conventional cycling standards were at that time. Just about every frame, in every company, was made according to the same golden rule. It was the Cannondale team that broke the mold of the old standards. They eventually pissed-off the neighbors with innovation. They were the Elvis to the cycling world’s Pat Boone.

And they did it all from a small town in Connecticut.

Those early Cannondale engineers were some of the first builders of aluminum and carbon fiber composites when steel was “the norm.” They crafted one-armed suspension-forks like the Lefty. They feasted on oversize tubing while the competition was just nibbling on narrow tubes. The design, innovation and technology behind Cannondale made them award winners in the late 70’s and 80s, pushing a whole industry further into the future.

Cannondale and One More Ride

This is why they make a perfect partnership with One More Ride. There is no one else in the cycling industry that gets you behind the scenes and up-front and personal with today’s cycling professionals. Each day’s itinerary gets you one step closer to your idol, one meter closer to the top of the hill, a minute closer to your personal goal. And One More Ride is changing the industry with partnerships like Cannondale.

Possibly what Cannondale and One More Ride have most in common is their passion. What feels right is a hell-of-a-lot more exciting then what the industry tells you is right. Both companies work off of adrenaline, encouraging their teams to make better products and experiences. Ditch the rulebook, and let’s go for One More Ride...on a Cannondale.

The Machines

Anyone who has followed Cannondale’s engineering history is familiar with the CAAD series and the SuperSlice for triathletes. But nothing beats the design and technology wrapped into a Super Six EVO.

The all-improved Super Six Evo is the natural development of Cannondale’s classic racing machine. The SuperSix EVO HM DuraAce Di2 Disc is the kind of classy machine you'll find on all One More Ride departures. This is the same bike issued to the EF Pro Cycling team and the only bicycle Simon Clarke swears by. The light-weight, responsive steering of the previous version has been tastefully developed into an incredible piece of machinery. This bike is much, much faster than any previous concept. And the series we have in our fleet are built with the Power 2 Max NGeco power meter - a top of the line spider power meter. So not only can you go fast on these bikes, you can analyze how to get faster.

But maybe a pro race bike isn't your thing (but, why not?). Our mid-range Synapse Carbon Disc Ultegra Di2 is a great endurance bike. Light and agreeable, it is useful for those cyclists who like a bit more of a comfort ride and less aggressive fit. Or, if you're wondering about making it to the top of the mountain, trust the electrical assist in our SuperSix Neo 1 Ultegra Di2 series. With a small motor in the rear hub and a battery in the frame, the Neo gives you the boost you need to enhance your ride, without overwhelming you. Be sure to check out our bikes and availability on our website and email us if you have any questions.

Cannondale has always explored racy geometry and stiffness for explosive speed, with enhanced energy transference from the pedal to the chain. Now, they are entering the e-road bike market too. With better micro-suspension, big tire clearance and lower wheel stays, this isn’t riding a bike; it’s piloting a F-15.

Get It Framed

Once again Cannondale defies popular wisdom by creating frames with highly truncated airfoil tube shapes. This offers the same weight yet with equal or better stiffness than conventional round tubes while reducing drag up to 30%.

But what does any of this matter if you have low-quality carbon fiber?

Cannondale’s proprietary high-strength, high-stiffness carbon construction is known as the BallisTec Carbon and has been an industry game-changer for decades. It’s an advanced matrix of intermediate modulus fibers creating a frame that’s light , durable and lively.

Obviously a bike of this caliber needs the best componentry, and One More Ride offers the Super Six Evo with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Disc breaks and Cannondale carbon wheels. Geared at 50/34 x 11/30, it is sure to get you where you need to go...and fast!

Disc Brakes and the Big Deal

By now everyone is used to seeing disc brakes on road bikes during the grand tours. 2020 is the first year the EF racing team uses 100% disc brakes on all bikes for all of the team’s riders. Granted, this evolution has not come without its inevitable bumps in the road. It took a while to get disc brakes into road cycling technology. But you can be certain that Cannondale was there leading the way – and the technology – to get efficient breaking advancement into today’s professional circuit.

Like all technological evolution, one needs to practice patience - and then acceptance – before change happens. It was in 2014/2015 during the Cannondale-Garmin pro Cycling Camp where some pros were given disc brake systems to help “test” the equipment.

Obviously there were concerns about mixing brake types (disc vs. caliper). Worries circulated about increasing crash frequency due to the more-effective disc break system. There was also the fear of the consequences of these accidents: hot rotors (or gashes from the rotors themselves) could provoke ugly injuries in an eventual pile-up. Not pretty.

In 2016, after much criticism over heavy bikes and mediocre brake performance, the Cannondale team reconvened in Aspen, CO for the first camp before the 2017 season. Each rider was given a disc brake and a rim-brake bicycle to train with. While the riders trained on disc brakes, they would adopt the rim-brakes for the race circuit.

By 2018, Cannondale had built full disc brake systems into the team’s bicycles. These SuperSix bicycles, with their aerodynamic advantages, coupled with the new technologies in disc brake advancement, became a lethal weapon. Thus Canondale was one of the first teams to be able to mechanically assist riders operating both disc and rim brake systems.

Take it from the Pros: Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke is a 33 year-old Australian professional racer out of Melbourne. He has raced professionally since 2003 and has been riding Cannondale for over five years. Initially with the Cannondale pro team in 2016 to the recent EF professional cycling team this year, he knows Cannondale well. Just recently Simon placed 1st in the Royal Bernard Drome Classic in France in early March. At a distance of 203 km, this win earned him 200 UCI points and places him 53rd in the PCS ranking position for 2020.

Did we also mention he is one of the One More Ride co-founders?

In this video, Simon covers the SuperSix EVO DuraAce Di2, training with power meters, and the thrill of running One More Ride.

Simon is not one to be held at home quietly during the Covid pandemic. Check out his home work-outs on his team's Cannondale. With over a dozen years as a professional cyclist, he has brought home wins in all three grand tours (two individual wins at the Vuelta, team time trail wins at the Giro and Tour de France). He was the 2012 KOM champion at the Vuelta. Simon moved to Cannondale pro Cycling in 2016.

We are thrilled to be working with Cannondale. And we are looking forward to many more rides in the future.

So don't wait any longer. Get on a Cannondale and go get One More Ride.

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