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Rapha? Yeah, we're real close...

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

You can’t be a cyclist and never heard of Rapha.

Rapha, the 16-year-old cycle apparel and travel company, has redefined comfort and style for many modern cyclists. From beginner active enthusiasts to professional teams, Rapha has raised the bar on quality clothing and continue pushing forward with innovative styles and materials.

The "Big Ben" of Cycling Fashion

Founded by Simon Mottram in London, the company is not only about clothing, but cycling culture. Rapha uniquely positions itself at the heart of stories and exploits achieved by the common-era, modern cyclist. Whether conquering the Alpine passes of legendary cycling battles or rolling around the vineyard-laden hills of Napa Valley, Rapha is about anyone who likes to explore the world on a bicycle.

As a result, Rapha regularly organizes and sponsors distinctive rides and events around the world through the Rapha Cycling Club (The RCC). Founded in 2015 the club boasts over 12,000 members and grows stronger every week. These clubhouses are hives for cyclists and bike-minded culture. 21 in total across North America, Europe and Asia, these are centers of camaraderie, of a bonding identity through a common passion, and were you can talk shop and order a coffee all while checking out the latest in cycling fashion.

Who would have thought it would work?

Rapha and One More Ride

One More Ride has similar origins. With a team of field-expertise extending three decades, One More Ride gives you more than a bicycle trip. They outfit high-level cycling experiences to a spectrum of aspiring athletes, from beginner to advanced. Whether a mountain-top summit in the Dolomites or watching a finish of the Vuelta in Spain, One More Ride is there every step of the way, with a beer, slice of pizza, and a smile. The attention to detail and customer satisfaction the team provides along the journey are unparalleled in the industry. They create an atmosphere were cyclists can bike, drink, eat and be merry. One More Ride creates uncommon cycling experiences which most aspiring cyclists would never have organized on their own. And now, you can ride in a Rapha kit on One More Ride.

The Devil is in the Design

The One More Ride jersey design is an original creation by co-founders Simon Clarke and Andrea Nicosia. Inspired by the EF Pro Cycling race kit, Rapha Custom has produced jerseys and bibs for you to enjoy on every One More Ride destination. Each cycling departure includes a full kit (jersey and bibs) as well as a pair of OMR Rapha socks.

On tour, you have the option of purchasing other Rapha / OMR products such as our wind vest, long-sleeve jersey, arm or leg warmers, caps and undershirts. They are high quality, great feeling kits, that look super good! If you'd like more information regarding the One More Ride / Rapha partnership, be sure to send us an email and we'll tell you about all the exciting products available.

Rapha, EF, and Core Values

Rapha has been collaborating with the EF ProCycling team since 2019. But their history in professional bicycle racing goes back further to the British Continental Rapha-Condor team of 2005. They were also the clothing supplier to Team Sky’s golden years from 2012 to 2016, always working with their top-tier athletes.

No wonder they partnered with One More Ride to share in the experience. OMR is a professional organization winning the hearts of its travelers every year. And there is no better adventure travel operator that aligns with Rapha's core values:

Love the Sport: One More Ride lives and breathes life on two wheels. From humble mountain biking beginnings, we’ve expanded dimensions of adventure travel to incorporate not just the celebration at the finish line, but the passion of the day’s journey. The spirit of being outside, of creating your path and having your own encounters has always been part of the One More Ride tradition. The joy of viewing the world from a bicycle seat is a release: breathe the country air, wonder at her marvelous beauty, and you create life-enriching experiences

Inspire others: We are leaders in the active travel community. And we lead by example. Each one of our carefully crafted destinations is guided by experts with decades of experience. We help you pedal better and descend better. But we also get you to drink the Cannanau in Sardinia and taste the anchovies from L’Escala in Catalonia. Our leadership introduces you to the stimulus you never knew existed. And that’s where the magic happens.

Suffer: no one ever said it was going to be easy – for us. We are constantly thriving to improve our systems and processes; using the latest technology and instruments. Your job is to turn the pedals and get over the next hill. Our team burns the midnight oil so you don’t have too.

Think for Yourself: They say the freedom on a bicycle is much like a metaphor of life - you need balance in order to get where you're going. Take everything in, look around you, enjoy the descent, stop when you want and take those pictures. Embrace the creativity and inspiration an experience like this will spark in you.

The Art of Storytelling

What makes Rapha different from so many other cycling clothing companies are their styles and their stories. If you’re looking at riding during the harsh English winter, for example, take a read of their Classic Rain jacket II, from Senior Product Designer Amy Carlise's perspective. Their products revolve around stories of the common-cyclist. Rapha believes in getting outside, no matter what the weather may be. Carlise lays down the groundwork of a rain jacket consistently tested to offer great protection from the elements. Highly durable water repellent treatment keeps you dry as do the taped seams and zippers. Zipped front-side pockets keeps valuables safe and dry, with a cinch hem to secure the jacket over jersey pockets. The high collar and cuff construction ensure that water rolls outside the jacket – not inside your jersey.

Or maybe you need to beat the heat and humidity of southern Spain’s summer temps. There is no better place to look than the interview with Maria Olsson. Silk is not a technological breakthrough and Rapha isn’t the first company to exploit the benefits of this magical material. Silk cycling clothing has been around since the 1940s as the base-layer of track jerseys. Rapha’s Silk Jersey is their lightest jersey ever. 30% lighter than the Flyweight, it excels in hot and humid conditions because of the wicking and drying properties. Plus you get the added protection from UV rays. This is - by far - the most comfortable jersey for hot weather on the market.

However, Rapha tells other stories that have little to do with their products. Their passion is biking and their series on cycling destinations is worth a look. For example, when the company took 3 cyclists out to Colorado in 2018, they aimed at exploring the best of the state, from the iconic independence pass to many hidden gems of the rockies. From Vail to Aspen, you can read their account of it here.

The Pirate

They also write about cycling legends, like this special piece on Marco Pantani from 2019.

Tom Southam (recently retired Rapha Condor racer), present EF Pro Cycling Sports Director, describes a Pantani as very few fans knew him. The iconoclastic mountain rider, with an unbelievably uncomfortable climbing position of hands on the drops while out of the saddle would accelerate to the point of almost combustion. Constantly moving up and down, Marco would continue this impossible balancing act ad infinitum. No glasses covering the eyes, no hair to hide the face. He was an open book during the ride of Monte Campione; a book which has since found its chapter in cycling history.

There are many more aspects of Rapha that we love. From their articles on adversity (“The Road Ahead” is an excellent piece for these uncertain times) to their presence on Zwift, there is a lot to learn from this forward-thinking company. They are more about cycling clothing: they are the passion and adrenaline behind every bike ride.

Come feel these emotions as well as excitement, fulfillment and camaraderie on a One More Ride cycling experience.

See you on the road, for one more ride.

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